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What is New Rustic? 

New Rustic is a modern handicraft brand that creates tote and backpacks inspired by our daily lives. New Rustic bags can be worn while walking by the sea, wandering in the woods, rushing down the street, exploring the art hall, wondering the city, discovering while traveling and enjoying in a café.


The material of the bag is woven from the leftover materials from textile production, and the real leather details come from the leftover materials from the furniture industry, which would otherwise go to waste. Through this UpCycling process, we can create completely new products while saving energy and nature.

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Environmental friendly
UpCyling product

Each bag is unique

Every bag is one-of-a-kind with it's own pattern and story to tell. The materials of the New Rustic bags are woven on looms, so no two bags are ever the same, even if they are made of the same material. Each product is slightly different and therefore unique. Our bag design does not depend on seasonal trends but reflects the wearer's personal style, a bit of quirky and a golden touch of the craft.


100% handmade

We are very proud that all our fabrics are woven on looms in the small Estonian town of Karksi-Nuia. Our craftsmen puts all her love into each bag to create a strong and durable bag material. Leather details have been selected for each product, taking into account the pattern and colour of the bag, so that the end result is distinctive and exciting.

Meet Kristi Toiger - creator and designer of the New Rustic brand. She loves nature and beauty of simple Nordic design. This inspired her to develop a brand of a brand that is colourful, unique and adventurous, and at the same time 100% handmade. Through her bag business she shares her love of upcycling and sustainable design.

She hopes with all the new bag owners together she can help to create fulfilling and lasting world one bag at the time.
Kristi wants to provide her fans adventures and fun moments

with easy to carry around bags. Say hi to Kristi by emailing her at or visiting the New Rustic Facebook or Instagram page.



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