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Weekender bag for weekend trips

Large and elegant. The Weekender bag holds everything for a weekend getaway or a bigger tour of the grocery store.


The Weekender bag is made from the left over materials of the furniture industry. The fabric of the bag is a mixture of quality wool and linen. The leather details of the bag are made of real leather. The bag is creatively solved with several different pockets. There is a large flap closure on the front panel. Inside the bag there are two inside pockets for sorting smaller things. The top can be closed with a full zipper. The outer bottom of the bag is covered with real leather. The handles are pleasantly two-in-one solution - long and short at the same time. The short handles are quick to grasp and the long handles are placed over the shoulder of the bag.


Weekender bag is a limited edition, limited quantity.

Free transport all over Estonia 


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