Terms of use

1.1. The terms of use of the e-shop (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") apply to all legal relations, sales transactions, orders, offers held by the e-shop user (hereinafter referred to as the customer) and the e-shop newrustic.ee (hereinafter referred to as the "e-shop"). OÜ (hereinafter referred to as the "online shop"), registry code: 12718793.
1.2. In addition to the terms, the legal relationships arising from the use of the e-store are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.
1.3 The web store may change the conditions at any time. Changes to the Terms and Conditions will be posted on newrustic.ee and will come into force immediately upon publication. By submitting an order using and using the e-shop, the client confirms that he / she has accepted the terms.


2. Prices

2.1 Prices in e-shop are indicated in euro (marked with the symbol "€").
2.2 Prices include the cost of sending the product within the Republic of Estonia. Outside the Republic of Estonia, the customer pays shipping costs according to the Omniva's pricelist.
2.3 If the Customer orders a product from outside the European Union, the product may be subject to import duties and customs duties paid on arrival in the country of destination. Such fees are paid by the customer. Taxation and customs policies can vary by country, so the online store recommends that the customer familiarize themselves with any additional taxes before ordering the product.
2.4 The online store may at any time change the prices displayed on the e-shop. All changes will be posted on newrustic.ee and will come into force from the moment of publication.
2.5 If the customer's order is submitted before the price change is published, the price applicable to the customer at the time of the purchase is applicable to the customer.


3. Submission of the order and payment terms

3.1 To submit an order, select the appropriate product from the online store and click the "add to cart" button. By clicking on the "make purchase" button you can view the products in the basket, modify and remove the quantities. The purchase price is also visible on the same page.
3.2 When submitting an order, the customer is required to enter his details: name, e-mail address, company (when invoiced to the company), address and telephone number. In addition, you can add notes on delivery (for example, a preferred location for a parcel terminal), if desired. The customer is required to check over payment and delivery information, as the speed and the customer's delivery depend on the information provided by the customer.
3.3 It is possible to pay for the product by using bank links, credit cards, or PayPal via e-shop. The customer pays 100% confirmation of the order for the purchase.
3.4 The contract is concluded from the moment the payment reaches the web store account if the client sends a confirmation payment order or transaction confirmation to the e-mail kristi@newrustic.ee.


4. Delivery of the product

4.1 The web store delivers the product to a customer by post or by a parcel delivery unit. The online store informs the customer by e-mail when the product is placed or can come along and sends a packet tracking code, if any.
4.2 Delivery of goods by post takes approximately 7 days to 7 days in the European countries and 21 days in the rest of the world. It takes 1-3 days to ship with the parcel delivery. If by that time the product has not arrived, inform e-mail kristi@newrustic.ee. Web Shop is not responsible for any delays or problems encountered in the event of a delay or if the problem is caused by the customer ordering the inaccuracy of the data entered.


5. Return of product

5.1. According to the Consumer Protection Act of the Republic of Estonia, after the receipt of the product, the customer has 14 days to review the product. If the customer is not satisfied with the product for any reason, then the customer is entitled to return the product within 14 days by notifying such request to the web store at e-mail kristi@newrustic.ee.
5.2 The returned product must be in the original packaging and with all the labels accompanying the product. The customer must ensure that the returned product is unused and in the same condition as sending the customer. The online store will not accept the return shipping returns and will be returned to the customer.
5.3 If the customer returns the product in accordance with clauses 5.1 and 5.2, then the online store returns the cost of the product to the customer (the shipping costs will be borne by the customer). The cost of the product will be returned to the customer no later than within 14 days from the moment the customer has submitted the refund request to the web store, provided that the returned product itself reaches the web store during this time period (i.e., 14 days).
5.4 If the product is defective, the customer is required to contact the web store as soon as possible in order to submit a corresponding application. The online store replaces the product or, if this is not possible, returns the cost of the product. If the product is defective, the product replacement costs the online store. According to the Consumer Protection Act of the Republic of Estonia, the right to file claims from consumer to customer is 2 years from the date of purchase.
5.5. The web store reserves the right to terminate the contract in the event of a product ordered by the customer if it is not possible to produce it or when the product was ordered at the time when the e-shop was experiencing a typographic error regarding the price of the product. If the contract is terminated, the customer will be informed by e-mail and the money will be returned to the customer as soon as possible but not later than within 30 days from the ordering of the product.


6. Use and protection of personal data

6.1 The Client gives consent to the web site for the processing of its personal data.
The data entered by the customer upon submission of the order is kept by the web store in order to complete the order of the product submitted by the client and develop the service offered by the web store to the client.
6.2 Personal data to be registered includes customer order information - the name of the customer, the company's name (if applicable), address, email address, telephone number, payment method used and product details (including quantities) of the selected product.
6.3 The web store may transmit the customer's personal information necessary for the delivery of the product to the courier company.
6.4 The protection of personal data is ensured by all security measures arising from the law of the Republic of Estonia.
The web store does not forward registered personal information to third parties, except in cases provided for in the law of the Republic of Estonia.


7. Liability and force majeure

7.1 The Parties shall be released, partially or completely, from performance of the obligations arising out of or in connection with the Contract if this is prevented by force majeure, with the Parties obliged to take all measures to prevent the other Party from causing damage and to ensure, to the maximum extent possible, the performance of the Contract. The occurrence of force majeure must be proven by the party who wishes to refer to those circumstances as a basis for dispossession of the liability arising from the law and / or the contract for failure to fulfill or non-compliance with the obligations entered into under the contract. In the sense of the contract, force majeure is not a change in the economic situation of the party, bad weather, rising prices, vacation, bankruptcy, or bankruptcy alert or enforcement of an action.
7.2. Any liability of the Web Store is limited to the cost of the product.
7.3 Links that lead to other Web sites from the Web Store are not under the control of the Web Store, and the Web Store is not liable for any damages that may be incurred in connection with the use of the linked links.


8. Applicable law

8.1 The law of the Republic of Estonia applies to the conditions.
8.2 All disputes between the client and the web store are resolved by negotiation. In case the compromise is not reached, the customer has the right to contact the Consumer Protection Board or the Harju County Court.

Terms and conditions